The Sanctuary of Santa Luzia at dusk.

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  1. I’d recommended the Bom Jesus, Braga to my friends. Expectantly, they liked it. Bom Jesus should be recognized by UNESCO Heritage Site. It just feels amazingly good by being in that place.

    1. Hi Diego, yes: a great recommendation, and well worth the visit! We’ll hopefully have some video and more photos up later in the week. We really enjoyed it there.

  2. The more I read, the more there is to see. Incredibly frustrating as I always want to be everywhere, but I have just 6 days in Porto from next Thursday. 2 of them are already booked at Regua, along the Douro Valley and I’m hoping to boat up to Barca d’Alva at the Spanish border. I was promising myself a side trip to Guimaraes too, but we’ll see how it goes, as we’re just using boats/trains for this leg of our journey.

    1. It really does feel like that, eh?! We know the feeling.

      We can highly recommend Guimaraes as a trip: if you can just get there to sightsee, it’s nice — but if you can spend a night and have time to relax and enjoy the quieter parts of town… well, that’s even nicer.

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