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  1. A must have for me is “This American Life” podcasts. Even a long flight goes by fast armed with this master of the tale!

  2. I’d like to add The WDW Radio show, which is all about Walt Disney World from the author of the Disney trivia books. he is at Incredibly well produced and full of amazing content and 100% family friendly

  3. what a fantastic list! i know of several (yours, irish fireside, galavanting, etc.) but happy to find new ones. thanks!

  4. I listen to both Amateur Traveler & yours regularly. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Rick Steves – I love his interviewing style – relaxed but always informed and the way he uses music. I suppose it is a professional radio show.

    I also like the Lonely Planet podcasts on a range of destinations and themes. Also worth checking out both the Independent & Guardian newspaper sites for their destination podcasts – I usually check them before I go anywhere

    Last but not least, I’m starting to podcast myself – listen to my first episode here about Family Travel with Hospitality Club – a website that connects travellers looking for free accommodation and advice, but not the typical choice for parents travelling with children. I have a couple more episodes in the pipeline & then I’ll set up an I-tunes feed.

    By the way, I always think of a podcast as an audio show, but you’re using it interchangeably with video. Maybe I’ll have to get some of my travel videos on Youtube into an I-tunes friendly format.

    Also if you’re into podcasts, the BBC website is a rich source for their radio shows & the weekly travel show, Excess Baggage is a good one

  5. Photo essays? There’s not a photo in any of the shows. All video. And won’t sync to your iTouch? The iTouch doesn’t play HD. There’s a non-HD show for iPhone/iPod/iTouch users though! It’s just not as popular as the HD show and so doesn’t show up in the Top 100 or the iTunes homepage very often. It’s there though if you look for it.

    Here’s the link:

    But hey, thanks for the review! I Love your show and wish I could get around to more places around the world like you do. Some day…


  6. Craig and Linda says:

    It’s all video, Tony? Wow — some images are so crisp and still I thought you were blending both. Thanks for the non-HD version. I thought you had one, but a quick search didn’t turn it up.

  7. Wow! Quick reply. And now I appreciate the photo essay comment, now that I know it is because the shots are so good! 🙂 Best to you and your show.


    1. Craig and Linda says:

      Those comments fly pretty fast sometimes 🙂 Cheers, mate.

  8. Thanks for the list – Ive never really considered travelling with podcasts, but now I think i’ll check it out!

    1. Oh yeah, definitely worth checking out … there’s a lot to learn and some fun stories to hear.

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