Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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  1. Why do I love SE Asia? What is not to love? I’ve been in Thailand now for 14 months and traveled some in Laos, but there is so much more to discover, such as Angkor Wat, Halong Bay and all the non-touristic places.

  2. i love se asia for the way they have adopted western culture into their own asian culture. the mixture of the two is truly fascinating!

  3. The food, the culture, the archaeological sites, and of course the weather. I’ll hopefully be visiting Thailand for the first time this spring…

  4. i love SE Asia for the people, the food, the beaches, the culture, the value for moneys and most of all, the lack of western health and Safety rules! People express themselves and and make tourists/travellers so welcome … a fab place which we hope does keeps its identity in the future

  5. Oscar Morrison says:

    I am currently travelling asia as we speak. I am about to embark on my way to cambodia in the coming weeks. I love south east asia, for three main reasons, its cheap, the people are beautiful and so is the country side!!

  6. Ana Saenz says:

    I’ve been several times traveling around Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, China and Thailand. I’ll return any time I have the opportunity do do it.
    And the reason is simply because as a western I love THE PEOPLE!!!!
    They really know what is important and what is not. That makes to me SouthEast Asia the more quiet and at the same time the more exciting place to be around. You always discover something new in things that are simple only on the surface.
    Time goes by in a different way that in our western world.
    It’s fascinating!!!

  7. I’m heading back to SE Asia for a trip soon, and can’t wait for that first instant when you get off the plane and the humidity slaps you in the face and you know that you’re in the land of romance, spirituality and beauty. This is living!

  8. Peter Cain says:

    I’m heading to Cambodia and Laos for the first time in a few weeks next month and can’t wait to see Ankor Wat! I have just started a website that I will be working on called & a service hiring iPhones for travellers called
    >whilst I am starting with Melbourne, and will be focussing on Australia, I will be keen to recommend sites like travelfish and the IndieTravelPodcast as good sites to visit for any traveller. This seasoned iPhone user would love to put the Ankor Wat App to good use- Bring it on Tomb Raider style! 🙂

  9. I spent 2 months traveling in SE Asia and cannot wait for the opportunity to return. My parents are heading to Ankor Wat and Vietnam in March and I think they would love this app!

  10. This looks like a cool app; thanks for the review! We’ve only skimmed the surface of SE Asia (Singapore, a week in Bangkok, and Malaysia) and are looking forward to going back as soon as we can. The food is amazing, the people are wonderful, and, especially in places where they use a different alphabet, you sometimes feel like you’re on another planet. 🙂

  11. I just got around to downloading the app today. it’s fun! stuart did a great job

  12. I’m extremely excited to be going to Angkor. As someone who did Archaeology and travel in university and college, Angkor is a mecca of sorts from both a travel and historical aspect. Top it off with a passion for photography, and I will find it hard to pull myself away! I’m heading there in early February, and couldn’t be happier!

  13. I’m in SEA now…Chiang Mai to be exact. I love this mountain town with it’s many historical Wats. I’m enjoying the Thai vegetarian food here and learning about the culture, especially the Karen hill tribe. Tonight I will be attending a meditation course at Wat Srisuphan. I extended my stay here in Chiang Mai because of it’s rich diversity.

  14. I have tried DKs iPhone travel apps for Bangkok and Dubai and found them a great way to carry your travel guide around with you much easier than the hefty LP Southeast Asia. Also it is a much more sustainable option without printing and distribution concerns.

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  16. I must check it out.

  17. Craig and Linda says:

    Congratulations to our winner, Mike! There’s an email in the post 🙂

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