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  1. I enjoyed your blogcast on Cusco. Just from your description, I’m guessing you stayed at Rumi Punku – which is one of the Darn Good Digs on our world accommodations guide. Let me know if I’m wrong! You can read our review at http://www.darngooddigs.com/hotelrumipunkucuscoperu.html, which was written up by Mark from Travel Wonders of the World.

    We’re planning on going to Cusco as soon as we can figure out how to move around easily with our four year old. We might wait a year or two more, when he can carry his own bags, and can walk more than a mile without me carrying him.

    But I’m familiar with some of what your described – chicha, coca leaves, altitude sickness from my 3 summers I spent in Bolivia when I was in high school 20 years ago!

  2. So I finally had time to listen to this one, and, can I just say how lucky I am that you guys are preceding me in Cusco? I was literally sitting on my couch taking notes (especially that beer milkshake).

    Pretty miffed that the Boleto Turistico costs TWICE what my brand new Lonely Planet says it does!

  3. Craig and Linda says:

    @Michael, no it wasn’t. A small, unbranded (and unnamed?) hostal at 172 Tantapata. Nice location, average service.

    @Sara, glad it was helpful! And have a shake for us 🙂 If you could confirm the current price and leave a comment here, that would be excellent.

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