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  1. My only advice would be to remember how vast America is and plan your time accordingly. When my British friend started to plan his American Roadtrip he wanted to see Yellowstone, Chicago, the Grand Canyon, New Orleans- just about everywhere. I had to explain to him that my family spent 3 months doing what he was planning to do in 3 weeks and that unless he was planning on giving up sleeping it was pretty impossible.

  2. Where will you be staying? I recommend camping. My husband and I camped/drove across the US and Canada and into Alaska this summer and camped for 2 months straight. We used KOAs when we needed internet ( and a shower and rough camped when we could get away with it (plus we had 2 dogs with us, so hotels were mostly out of the question). KOA runs about $25/$35 a night, but it includes shower facilities, internet, usually a pool and mini-golf course and they’re almost always located right off the highway and have late night check in. Not for everyone, but being online is important, then it’s a good deal.

    In the rural areas it is easy to just find a little dirt road to camp off.

  3. Craig and Linda says:

    I would never have guessed KOA stood for Kampground of America in a million years.

    Great suggestions, everyone.

  4. @Wellington Grey:

    I think a motorcycle gives you a connection with the road and a unique travel experience. You notice and see more since your senses are heightened and there’s no opportunity to get distracted as easily as you can in a car, bus, etc.

  5. @Stephanie: I’ve lived in London for six years and it took me a long time to figure out how to quickly make an Englishman understand the size of the US. I used to say that the States is three times the size of the European Union but that didn’t really have the impact I was looking for. Finally, I figured out that English people think driving to Scotland is quite a journey. Now I compared the drive from New York to Florida to the one from London to Istanbul and they get the idea immediately.

    @Anil: I’ve never understood the appeal of motorcycle travel: it combines the worst attributes of bicycles and cars with no extra advantage.

  6. Wow, never heard of Zippermaps. That will be perfect when I plan my rollercoaster tour of The States! 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Thanks for the introduction to Zipper Maps, and I totally agree with Stephanie, and am glad to have @WellingtonGray’s suggestion of London to Istanbul.
    Good post.

  8. Great post! I never knew about Zipper Maps until now! That can definitely come in handy road tripping across a country as vast as the US. Thanks for the info, Wellington!

    1. Craig and Linda says:

      It does look like a great tool, huh? I’d be really interested so see something similar for European rail journeys or something like that.

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