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  1. Excellent advice for virgins 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you on the playa.. and many thanks for the Camp Nomadia shout-out (a camp specifically for nomads, vagabonds and travelers).

  2. @Cherie Of course! And thanks. It’s funny, as I get ready for Burning Man this year, how much less overwhelming it was than last. See you when we’re dusty.

  3. Great Article. Wish we could be there too! Look forward to maybe going next year. Sounds like our type of festival!

  4. I was planning to head to the Pacific Northwest, but am rethinking plans now. Will decide in the next day or two which way to head. Maybe I’ll be seeing you there too 🙂

  5. It is nice to get practical advice from someone who has learned the ropes the hard way. Thanks.

  6. @Anthony I have no idea if I’ll be there next year, but I will buy tickets when they go on sale. I figure, the earlier you get them the cheaper they are, and if you decide not to go, they’re easy to sell.

    @Brian I’m camping with Salon Soleil. I think it’s at 4:30 and E, but haven’t been able to confirm it yet. I’ll also make sure to stop by Camp Nomadia for their happy hours. If you do decide to go, stop by, say hi.

    @Dave I’m glad you found the article useful. I feel the same way about all the people who helped me get ready for Burning Man. Especially last year, but this year, too.

  7. I’m going for sure now and staying at Camp Nomadia. Will definitely try to meetup at one place or the other.

  8. @brian So then, see you on the playa!

  9. Glad you were convinced, Brian … We really want to hear your thoughts at the end. Deal?

  10. This will be my 6th out of last seven years in attendance. Love to have you stop by PolyParadise camp, 4:15 & Edinburgh, on Wednesday evening for the Arizona Burners Potluck, 6-9pm. We’re probably neighbors. Burn on…

  11. @Lynn Yep, looks like we’ll be right next to each other. I double checked and we are at 4:30 and E. I’ll look for you for sure! You can spot me in my bright red tutu.

  12. @ Craig and Linda – Absolutely, happy to!

    @Leigh – I’ll have a red tent and black motorcycle at my camp otherwise I look like my pic.

  13. @Lynn

    Thanks for coming by our camp. I didn’t have a chance to make it back to PolyParadise… playa distractions and all… but I wanted to meet more in your camp and take part in the discussions. I’d love to be in touch, so came back here to see if your e-mail was posted. Alas. Not. If you see this, please drop an e-mail if you so wish. xoL

  14. Glad to meet you and say hey this year. Alas, I did not make the potluck @PolyParadise either. Suzenn & I were camped @6:58 & Hanoi. I’ll see if I can Facebook you.


  15. hey guys i just read the article and reviews, im looking into it and hoping to go next year, whats a good amount of friends to travel there with, i havent mentioned this to anyone or know very much about it, any advice? also i live in ontario, canada, so should i fly to reno then try to find a ride there, how do i find this place! ive only ever traveled twice, any advice greatly appreciated! 🙂

    1. Hey Erin,

      I’d actually suggest flying into San Francisco. It’s usually a cheaper flight than to Reno and easier to find ride shares both ways. Also, after the burn, many people go to Reno to hang out. A lot of burners go to the Grand Sierra hotel. In fact, the entire lobby is like a mini-Burning Man but cleaner and with slot machines.

      As for how many people to go with… That really depends. You can go on your own and figure it out. Or you can choose a friend or two. The bottom line, though, is you never know quite how things will work out. Personally, I’d look for one or two friends that I know well. People who are stable and that you can rely on. Then plan together. You can also look to connect with people you know who already have experience. You might be surprised at who you know who has already been and can help you out.

      I think, though, you’ll find you’ll be very well prepared for some things. Others, you only realize what you need when you’re standing on the playa. But I promise, if you read the prep guides I gave you here, you’ll be well prepared. Anything you don’t bring, you’re likely to find someone willing to help you out and share.

  16. Thanks Leigh — The hubz and I have decided to go in 2013 and am gathering as much info. for newbies as possible. Can’t wait to see you on the playa. xoxo E

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