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  1. # 10 – In summer, swim in an Austrian lake. Fresh clear clean water and if the lake is bathed in sunshine for most of the day (east to west location) the water can be quite warm in the evenings. Fresh water swimming is far more refreshing than salt water swimming.

      1. Seeboden near Millstatt east of Klagenfurt is reputed to be the warmest lake in Austria due to it’s location. There are Campsites dotted all around the lake and hiking trails lead from most.

      2. Thanks, Mike. We spent a week in Klagenfurt, but didn’t get there. It’s on the map for next time 🙂

  2. You did not mention my favorite city, Salzburg. Wander through old town and visit places where Mozart lived, ate, drank and performed.

  3. My friend went to Austria when he studied abroad, and he constantly says it was amazing and that he wants to go back as soon as possible. It sounds like such a lovely place to go! I love that the wine tasting rooms sound like a discotech but exchange vino for disco! I know, it is silly, but that is where my mind went. In Austria do they mostly speak German, or Austrian (I don’t even know if they have their own dialect)? And do most people still speak at least some English there? Also, besides the train, is it expensive to get around the different parts of the country?

  4. I’m from Austria so I can answer your questions! 🙂 In Austria we have much different dialects but it isn’t an own language! Our official language is german and maybe in the easterly part of Austria its Croatian, Hungary and Slovene. The most people here speak English because it is one of our head subjects in school. Not everyone (especially the older people) speak English but you will find enough who speak. I don’t know if the train is expensive. I think it is but I can’t compare with the prises in your country so maybe it is cheaper than there or maybe its more expensive. I hope that I helped you with my answers and I have to apologize if i made some mistakes 🙂

  5. I would like to ask whether to go to Eisriesenwelt(Ice cave) or is butter to visit
    Dachstein Höhlenwelt(Ice cave2). Actually I am planning to visit Salzburg for one day and is it possible to visit Zell am See as well.

    Thank you

  6. You can also visit a castle. Burg Kreuzenstein is close to Vienna and it is a great day trip. 🙂

  7. Cool sharing, i would definitely like to visit those places.

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