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  1. Totally agree that you need to weight the pros and cons. For me, I love the pass (usually) because I don’t book anything that far in advance. Recently I was caught in Rome trying to get to Dijon without a Eurail pass and the same-day purchase price for that ticket was over 200€. Now if I actually planned things in advance…. 😉

    1. We’re much the same way, Michael — we very rarely plan much in advance, and if we do buy more than a day or two in advance we often feel cramped as the time grows closer (or we end up burning time just to wait for the ticket to come valid).

  2. From our experience, a Eurail pass only makes sense for complex travel (many countries in a couple of week period). We tend to focus in our travel so point-to-point is vastly more cost effective and simpler.

  3. I don’t know if its a coincidence or what but I was just reading an article that listed the benefits of buying a Rail Pass in Japan to save money while visiting Japan. And now here I am reading the complete opposite perspective.

    Of course, different countries have different rates and options. Thanks for informing this.

      1. Yeah Craig and Linda, I agree totally..
        Both of you are doing a wonderful job bringing us this useful information that would help everyone travel better.