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  1. Leigh, I love that last paragraph – it’s all about leaving expectations behind and just being present, isn’t it? I was at BM last year and will try to make it next year!

  2. Hey Roy!

    It absolutely is. So I guess that means we won’t meet up on the playa this year? I hope our paths cross soon enough. They’ve been crossing everywhere else for a while now.

  3. Angela Lees says:

    Hi Leigh
    I really enjoyed reading this piece. Burning Man sounds like an incredible experience.
    I really identify with how you say Jen is feeling leading up to it. I imagine I would feel alot of the same feelings in that situation.
    I hope you guys all have a fabulous time.

    1. Thanks Angela. I’m glad you liked it. It was fun to write, also. It’s fun thinking about times on the playa, especially as I’m getting ready to go again.

      I can also say that my first time at Burning Man, I’d put the confusion factor at 85-90%. The second time, that dropped to about 10%. The playa felt really comfortable. Like.. well… home.

      Will be interesting to see how this year goes.

    2. I could read a book about this whioutt finding such real-world approaches!

  4. Great article! Burning Man is always something that’s interested me but I hadn’t seriously considered going yet. It sounds like a great life experience and I’m now thinking about attending next year. Thanks for the links to your other articles as well.

    Have fun!

    1. Yes, great piece Leigh. Thanks for sharing all your BM knowledge; it can be hard to know where these things are going to take us … even if you know what’s happened in the past.

  5. Very nice piece. My first burni this year, wanted to go for years and now, thanks to Boomer I get my chance. Here’s to the present and all the fun and experience it brings.

    1. So how did your first burn go? How did it meet (or not) your, ahem, expectations?

  6. I learned during my second burn that no two years will be the same, not even comparable: going to the Playa to find once more what has already been given may be a recipe for disappointment.
    No attachments, no expectations!

    Thank you for a heart-felt piece.
    Have a glorious burn!

    1. Hey Ana,

      I’ll tell you. My 2010 burn was so amazing, I really didn’t think 2011 could match up. And I readied myself for that. Turns out, this year was infinitely more amazing than last, but in ways that I didn’t even occur to me last year.

      This year, I didn’t have the same sense of being entirely on my own which left me more grounded and connected to my life outside of BM. Which was perfect for this year. Last year I got to be someone else. This year, I was me.

      Maybe our paths will cross one day on the playa (or elsewhere, too).

  7. Hi Leigh
    I really enjoyed your article, specially because I went for the first time to Burning Man this year (2011) and I really related with you narration. It was awesome!! However I am really interested in the fact that one year you went by yourself. Did you really stayed alone there o you met your friends there? If you were alone, please tell me more about it, since I am thinking to do that next year. I am also a writer, but for the Spanish community. Thanks a lot!!!!!! =)

    1. Hi Tania,

      I went on my own but camped with a set group. I didn’t know them at all when i arrived on playa, but they were an absolutely wonderful group of people. The same people Noah and I camped with this year.

      I think Burning Man is an overwhelming thing, but I kind of thing that’s the best part of it. It tests your limits. So I think going on your own and seeing what happens is a great way to do things. I think as long as you have your basics covered — food, clothing, water, protection, night gear — then it’s ok to leave things open. In fact, I think it’s better to leave yourself open to something entirely different.

      Did that answer your question? If not, let me know what more you’d like to hear and I’ll answer as best I can.

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