La tomatina festival, Valencia, Spain

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  1. Such a waste of food…Such a great fun 🙂

  2. Had such an amazing time with you guys! So glad you ended up deciding to come to the festival. Being one of the people who took a tour rather than going solo, I will have to agree and reinforce the fact that MOST of the tours are completely overrated. It can be extremely overwhelming to try and go at it alone, but I can promise, it will be worth it. The tour I was on was so hell-bent on giving us “value” for our €50 for the day that they dragged us all around the outskirts of Valencia after the festival to a park and some public pool and Joel, Dave and I ended up just sleeping in the bus the whole time.

  3. It really was a great time, even accounting for the poor bus experience. Wonderful meeting and chatting with you and I’m glad you decided to partake in the frivolity (and lack of breathing room).

    If only I’d had your tips BEFORE heading over there!

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