Prague holds a special place in our heart, ever since we spent Christmas 2006 there with a group of friends. It snowed, we had a snowball fight and I made my first snowman, and we drank snow-cooled champagne from plastic cups in our hostel room. It was one of the first European cities we had ever visited, and we had an amazing time.

We’ve been back several times since then, to visit friends or just sightsee, and we’ll certainly return again. There’s something about the stately buildings, the looming castle, the old town square, that resonates with us… and that’s not even mentioning the food!

On our most recent visit to Prague, the weather was against us: it was either swelteringly hot or pouring with rain. Somehow, though, the city still managed to charm.

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Prague Castle

Inside St Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

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A rear view of St Vitus cathedral in Prague.

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Old town square

I love the colours of Prague.

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Charles Bridge


A moment in Prague.

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On the water

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