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  1. It’s going to be kinda chilly in March….zip-off trousers might be a little overkill. Be sure to have warm enough gear for rain and snow, which you may encounter. I encountered snow in the middle of May in Galicia when I walked last year, so be prepared! Also be sure to have plenty of blister care stuff in your first aid kit. It’s all you really need. I just wrote a blog post about doing the Camino that has a lot of the same information. What route are you planning to walk this time?

  2. Hi Heather, thanks for the heads up! When we walked the Camino Francés in March, we were walking through snow as well. This time we’re starting further south — walking the Via de la Plata — and at lower altitude, but we’ll still be wrapping up warm to start (see all those layers in the packing list!). The problem we found was temperatures moving from single figures into the 30s within a few days.

  3. Ah yes, the VdlP…that’s a tough one with albergues further apart. That’s a good time of year to do it though, not too hot. I am planning for the Camino Portuguese next October from Porto to SdC to Finisterre to Muxia then hang out in Spain or Portugal after for a week. The temperature extremes are probably the most frustrating thing for me in Spain. When I started walking, the weather was hot, I got sun burned and was miserable…by the time I got to Santiago, all it had been doing was rain or snow for two weeks…this was after I had shipped my warm gear home…had to buy new thermal bottoms and a hat in Astorga.

    Have a great walk and buen camino!!!

    1. Thanks Heather — gear vs weight is definitely a big issue.

      The Camino Portuguese looks very cool, and we did consider it (especially now Linda’s got a bit of a Portuguese bug!), but Spain still won out. Buen camino, tambien!

    2. i really loved muxia – much more than fisterra. a wonderful albergue too. good albergues o the way from santiago. i would recommend muxia and then fisterra. there is an albergue between the two, a hotel actually which stamps your credencial, but you can do the great wooded walk in a day. philip

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