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  1. Hi Guys, welcome back!! I was beginning to think you had run off and were enjoying traveling too much to post anything. Looking forward to getting caught up with your travels. (BTW, the volume for this podcast is rather low. Maybe it’s my computer, but I can’t tell. Anyone else have the same problem?)

  2. Ah, much better! Have a great time in Istanbul. I love that place. Good to have you back!

  3. Craig and Linda says:

    Hi David, thanks — it’s good to be back again.

    Volume’s low? I’ll run it through the system again and try to sort that out. Let us know if it happens again on tomorrow’s episode.

  4. Craig and Linda says:

    I’ve just replaced the mp3 file having boosted the sound. You were right Dave, the mp3 levelling had failed to work.

  5. Hello,

    In a way I envy you for going to Istanbul at this time. I have enjoyed every minute spent walking through the old Byzantine and Ottoman core of the city.
    On 16 June I will be on my way to Datça in the MuÄŸla province. I will spend two weeks at Ak-Tur with people whom I consider family, although we are not related.
    My web site is currently under construction, so there is little there to see. I hope to have it updated by the end of this week, and will certainly have it in good condition by 1 June.

  6. Craig and Linda says:

    Hi Mac, nice to have you drop by. Istanbul is still a fantastic city, but prices seem to have gone up in the 12 months since we were last here.

    The 4 lira espresso has arrived! I don’t understand why I can get great espresso for 50 euro cents in Spain and 2.20 in Britain, but Turkey has found out about ridiculous coffee prices too.

    It’s going to be a busy day for me: I want to get some interviews from around Sultanhamet: the Aya Sofia, Blue Mosque, Roman cistern, around the Grand Bazaar. Should be fun.

    Mid-June will be HOT, Mac. I hope you have a great time though — let us know how it goes.

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