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  1. Chris Burlton says:

    Pinnacles was good, great views from the top. You can do it in a day from Auckland, as long as you get up early and don’t mind the driving, but theres also a hut near the top if you want to stay over.

    We want to do the Tongariro Crossing too.

    We’ve done some day walks arounf the Waitakere amd in November we did the Milford track, which was expensive but really impressive (and wet).

    I’ve even started doing the Kiwi think of shorts and gaiters – I now look ridiculous when tramping. I havent quite gone as far as bright strippy polypro long longs though.

    1. lol. Wait until you see me loping around a campfire in my stripy polyprops 🙂

      Have you had a look at the Hillary Trail through the Waitakeres? It’s 3-4 days, and it’ll be all up-and-down, but looks like a great way to string together a lot of the tracks.

      1. Chris Burlton says:

        I havent specifically looked at it, but I know we have been on sections of the Hilary walk on our shorter day walks.

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