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  1. Other films I remember getting excited about travelling while watching them were: Into the Wild, L’auberge espagnole, Before Sunset( Benfore Sunrise continuation).

  2. Lost in translation is one of my favorite movies! For France I’d pick Chocolat, that movie really inspired me to see the small villages in France.

  3. I’ve never been so enthralled by a documentary as I was with Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. I was captivated by the notion of going off with a good friend on a motorbike for several months. I recently quit my job and am traveling solo in Latin America for a year. As great as my adventure is, I still have dreams of a trip with a best friend through rarely-traveled lands on a bike.

  4. That doco is amazing! It sure had Linda and I captivated for a couple of weeks while we were in Laos. It also got some new plans in the system that will take that level of funding to get off the ground. We can try!

    Are you biking South America, Stephanie? That would be a blast.

    Some other really fun recommendations too. Thanks all!

  5. Obviously, we all have our favorites but I have to applaud you on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, as that is definitely my all time favorite film for many reasons. It definitely stirs at my gypsy Hungarian roots and I feel restless and want to migrate somewhere. It is a beautiful film with an amazing journey and I can be caught up in the journey by just watching it. I do however travel quite a bit for work unfortunately; Dish has me going all over the place. The upside as a subscriber of dish I can utilize so many movie options one in particular. It is during these travels that I whip out my iPad and go to dishonline to access a movie that will inspire me at my destination. There are so many movies there that I can use to enjoy off-hour adventures that I am intrigued by my works trips more often. The Beach really caught me as my inspiration movie as I had to move away from the beach. On a trip last month, I was on the beach and every so grateful that the film inspired me to do so.