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  1. I had no idea why I had tingly fingers and never connected it to the Diamox till a friend read the sideaffects later.

    I completely underestimated Altitude sickness when we visited Cusco, until I had splitting headaches and terrible nausea. So I started taking Diamox after we arrived, and drinking heaps of mate de coca. It helped pretty quickly.

  2. Hello,

    I hope you are well. I am a female solo traveller and i’ll be visiting La Paz in December this year. I am really terrified about the crime in the city and I have been looking around for a private driver and from reading your blog post it seems as though you found a great/safe one. Is there any chance you could email me Jose’s full name and telephone number? I would really appreciate it and I will happily tell him that you recommended him.



    1. Hi Bianca,

      Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately we don’t have Jose’s name or phone number any more… sorry about that! I recommend you ask around once you arrive.

  3. Hey thanks for this little run down. I took diamox in Nepal and didn’t get those tingles. I’m twice your size though. I suspect the shortness of breath was just the altitude – in my vids above about 3500m you can hear me breathing lol. BTW I’m thinking about La Paz specifically for the altitude before doing Aconcaqua 🙂 Cheers from Brisbane.