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  1. Anis Salvesen says:

    Bilbao sounds like such an exciting destination! The Guggenheim there has been on my must-see list for years. Note #2 about not having to speak Spanish was surprising, although I do know that the Basque Country is not known for a strong love of Spain and wonder if that factors into the inhabitants being just as happy to hear English as Spanish. In any case, it’s great the locals are so helpful and friendly; it makes a big difference, especially when traveling alone. As a quick note, if you like connecting with locals while traveling, you might also be interested in Thanks for the tips on Bilbao! Casco Viejo is now on my list.

  2. First of all I want to say how excited I was to stumble across this post. I am currently studying the Basque Country because it has fascinated me for years. (The basque language is one my list of languages to learn!) Hearing of your experiences makes me long for a visit and shower in the rain so often spoken of in Bilbao. Their hospitality sounds nothing more than warm and welcoming. I always wonder if there are still signs such as graffiti on walls about ETA in the Basque Country? I know their activity has died down with the recent cease fire, but I’m curious to know if there is still dialogue of the group present in society or if it is just taboo.
    Thanks for sharing your insight into Bilbao and the Basque Country. They are truly an interesting people.