Jamie Isaac tells how his surfing holiday turned into a sustainable business that’s changing people’s lives in Fuerteventura, while we’re in Ireland and Croatia. Features Irish music from the streets of Dublin.

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A yoga retreat in the Canary Islands

At the end of last year we were exhausted and there was no end to the work in front of us. The team at AzulFit reached out to us and invited us to join them for a week of de-stressing: yoga, good food, and a beautiful island.

You can read about our time in Fuerteventura, see photos from hiking the Hondo, and our our review of Azul Fit Yoga retreat.

Jamie Isaac
Jamie Isaac
We also had the chance to meet co-founder and head instructor Jamie Isaac. A world-class athlete with a background in sports education, he had an inspiring story for many travellers out there.

Drawn to Fuerteventura as a surf spot, he founded a small surf lodge… Mainly so he could live and surf in a place he’d come to love. As the lodge grew, he found people wanting to do different things, and the result was the holistic retreat Azul Fit, where yoga, cycling, tai chi and surfing all come together with freshly prepared food.

For every traveller who’s thought of starting a small business in a place they’ve fallen in love with (and haven’t we all!), this is a great story. To listen, hit play above or find this episode in iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud.

Hiking with some other AzulFit attendees
Hiking with some other AzulFit attendees

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