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  1. Thanks Cristina for sharing us some travel ideas about Malaga, Spain. I like to travel in Spain. Philippines was once colonized by Spain hundred years ago. So there a lot of old structures like churches and schools inspired with Spanish architecture.

  2. I will to all those amazing places above, La Ronda : the most famous of the pueblos blancos (white towns) – a scattering of evocative hamlets that reveal Serranía de Ronda. Located just half an hour’s drive from the Costa del Sol, Ronda hosts up to 75,000 tourists per day, yet has managed to retain its timelessness and charm, despite the inevitable modernization of recent decades.

  3. Some wonderful places there! We were lucky enough to get to Ronda and some of the other Pueblos Blancos, but not to Malaga city itself… Next time!