Burj al Arab Dubai by Joi on Flickr

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  1. this came at about the right time. I am interviewing next week for a potential job in Dubai and the horror stories people (who obviously have never been there) tell me are ridiculous, I think they confuse Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

  2. Good luck for the interview, Steph — and we look forward to hearing your views and your experiences there. We keep hearing conflicting reports, so it really seems to be a complex place.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t really ever though about Dubai as an interesting place, but I do now!
    I’m also very interested in your experience of a single female traveler doing couch surfing, as I’ve never done that before but am thinking about embarking on that exciting way of travel (and meet new friends)… more info? 🙂

  4. Update on the Dubai job: I’ll stay in London for a bit, the budget for the Dubai position was not approved 🙁 I’ll go sometime as a visitor when passing through on my way further East, I guess.

  5. back to egypt says:

    back to Egypt Steph.. 🙂

  6. Great summary of your time in Dubai! When I saw that your destination was the United Arab Emirates, I was thinking the exact same things that you addressed in your first paragraph: how brave of you to go by yourself to a place where everyone will think you are someone’s lost wife!
    But thanks for setting the record straight of how modern Dubai is, clearly people (especially Americans) have severe misconceptions of Arab countries in general. I’m surprised even to hear that the taxis have air conditioning! The taxis I’ve rode in Mexico, Peru, and Thailand do not have such a luxury.

    Sandboarding! It (and surfing) are the extreme sports I would totally dedicate myself to if given the chance to live in both a dry/dessert-like country with awesome coasts and waves. Sandboarding, according to my personal (and possibly bias sources) had its roots in Peru.
    Thanks for sharing and breaking some ridiculous stereotypes.

  7. Hi, I’m Michelle Dela Cerna currently based here in Dubai . I would like to say thank you for sharing your beautiful story and some thoughts of Dubai , very detailed and well written! I would like to commend the Author of this Blog for sharing us an interesting idea. Keep it up a good job!!
    Hope you will make more Blog. ♥

  8. Enjoyed reading Stef and hope you are staying well and safe , do let us know when ever you are ready to pack your bags and Travel To Dubai Again

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