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  1. Valerie
    Thank you very much for refreshing my memory of this magnificent site.

    In 1997 I had the great fortune of working with the Chinese government helping them understanding the difference between tourists and travelers. One of my designated destinations was Xi’an. Tourist not Traveler was my initial thought. How wrong I was, any seasoned traveler needs to see the scale and scope of the beauty of this site. However, even more importantly on the very day of my visits I noticed a large number of Chinese crowded around one man sitting on a stool. My guide took me over to introduce me to the older gentleman. I learned he was the farmer that was digging the original well that uncovered the first site. I immediately bought a collections book from the store and had him sign it for me. That is a travelers experience.

    Thank you

  2. Valerie Stewart says:


    What an amazing opportunity to meet the man who discovered such a treasure! Thanks for the influences you made during your time there so others could follow behind you!

    We really enjoyed every moment of seeing this magnificent place and cannot recommend it highly enough.


  3. My GF has always wanted to go here for the longest time. This post makes me want to visit the TC warriors now too though. I always picture the Mummy 3 Emperor’s Tomb movie whenever I see these statues.

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