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  1. This is really awesome.. and I wasn’t talking about the Taj Mahal, we already know its glorious site and remarkable story.. but I’m referring to what I just read; I love it. The fact that you can cheat them is pretty nice to hear. 😛

  2. Taj Mahal beautiful one of the most beautiful places i had ever seen. Now Myanmar is on my list to visit.
    “Sunset at Taj Mahal” This Picture is great …

  3. Hi Laura, This is what I was looking for. I plan to visit india and your itinerary looks amazing. India is very different from developed countries and bit skeptical about my trip to India. I usually connect with Locals before I visit any place. I found few people on Tripadvisor and tripoto. Any more social network for travelers in India?

  4. Fact and images that you included in this blog making it so wonderful that i read it completely. I visited Taj mahal several times, but i will again visit Taj mahal and explore the way you describe means like Local.

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