This week we do something out of the ordinary and talk about the wines of South Africa with Tara O’Leary of Wine Passionista.

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Visiting wineries is something that Linda and I love to do, so this was our perfect World Cup tie-in! We’ve been tasting in 12 countries now, and show no sign of stopping. South Africa,

however, has been an unknown for far too long.

We talk about the main and distinctive varieties of South African wine, Pinotage and Chenin Blanc, then get down to business: how to travel the South African wine regions.

Today’s guest, Tara O’Leary blogs at Wine Passionista and can be found on Twitter as Tara_devon. She has recommended the following sites for more information:
Wines of South Africa
South African Wines
Stellenbosch wine route
The festivals ‘uncorked festival’ and ‘Cap Classique & Champagne festival’ in Franschhoek

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