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  1. #WeGoSolo I have to say I am LOVING this movement. To hear about so many independent women getting out there, living their life and exploring the world is amazing. I knew I wasn’t alone! Here’s my post from a couple of months ago about how I started travelling solo… http://omandaway.ca/going-solo/

  2. Hey guys–
    I saw your post on the #WeGoSolo chat. What a great subject! I’m a solo adventure traveler who writes about the good, the bad, and everything in between on my site. Through my blog (www.AntiTouristTraveler.com), I’ve already convinced many friends to travel off the beaten path, and for folks to go on solo adventures–especially fellow gals! Please enjoy.


  3. Going in a group allows a woman to have company and go solo for her own pursuits. Some destinations like Ethiopia are not so easy alone and are expensive if you need to hire a driver/car solo. Some of our women did go ahead and did some touring in Addis Ababa alone as taxis were safe and walking fascinating.

    If you are a solo and want to you book a group tour to an exotic locale, ask the following top questions:
    1. Can I leave the group and rejoin the next day?
    2. How will I find the group later today?
    3. Can you book me extra nights pre or post group so I can do ‘my own thing”?
    4. Can you tell me about safety near our first and last hotels?
    5. Is there anyone else in the group who wants to team up for my extra time?

  4. I love India and I love packing – and I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with anyone else who is looking to go there. Have travelled solo and with friends to Mumbai, Goa, Hampi, Gokarna and Kolkata.


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