Visit every winery?

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  1. This is a timely article – I am arriving back in NZ (Auckland) after being away for 6 months. And I remember well the ”shock” upon returning home the last time I did a 6 month trip. I have yet to decide if I will just stay for a short-ish visit to catch up with friends and family, or to settle back into a ‘normal routine” again. I figure I’ll work that out within the first 2 weeks of being there. But you are right, many people will only have a passing vague and brief interest in your travels and the cost of EVERYTHING is always a shock when heading back home. I also struggle with the ‘mundaneness” of everyday life when I go back. I crave it sometimes when on the road, but when I’ve got it, I can’t wait to escape it again!

  2. Thanks for this. I recently requested a similar list from my sister who returned from living abroad after 16 years (we will be returning home for a month-long visit soon, having been away for 1.5 years). Your examples are some of the better I’ve seen in this type of post about re-entry.

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