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  1. Thanks for another great podcast.
    Sorry you were not able to make it to Ohrid. I highly recommend it for next time.
    Sounds like transportation is still the interesting adventure there that it was in ’92. If you are using public transport to get to Ohrid, it is probably easier to go there from Skopje or other large cities within Macedonia than from Albania.

    I believe the bean dish you described that was cooked in a clay pot is called Tavče gravče (pronounced tavche gravche). It is also one of my favorite dishes: .

    1. Hi Bruce! Transport is still a definite adventure, and one that’s a lot of fun. While there were several options for getting to Ohrid (and we were advised to go by everyone) it just didn’t work out… Definitely next time!

      The wikipedia link looks like just the thing: delicious!

  2. Well, I’m one month and one day into my round-the-world-wandering, and here are two tips I’ve come up with for myself:

    Pack as few white clothes (including underwear, t-shirts, etc.) as possible, because unless you’re willing to take the time & effort to always wash them separately, they WILL quickly turn dingy.

    [This sort of expands on one of your suggestions here.] Expect everything to take longer than you’re used to, and so plan to do fewer things per day rather than more, especially if you’re on a tight budget. For example, there will be some activities that are simply quite complicated to do if you haven’t got a car and instead have to figure out using public transportation, when it’s available.

    1. Hi Chuck,

      Completely agree! We don’t have anything white at all, partly because they get dirty so quickly (and we often re-wear tshirts) but mostly so we can throw everything we own into one load of laundry. What you say about needing more time is true too, fitting heaps into one day can be difficult, not to mention stressful!

    2. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve learned this the hard way – and having too packed a schedule stresses me out anyway, as well as being a recipe for failure

      Heck, even here in LA WITH a car it’s impossible to do much in one day as it takes forever to get anywhere. Tomorrow is our last day in LA/in the States and we’re just planning to hang out by the beaches and minimise driving.