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  1. Another important thing about teaching English is you often bump into people and make new friends. This can often find work for you through the network of “friends of friends”. In the same way of offering work to others. Its not something I am doing myself yet but is likely to become a possibility in the future. Although have many friends here in the Philippines, Thailand,China and Japan that are all teaching english to sponser their trips.

  2. Great post! Where did you teach? I’m looking for jobs in China. I see you’re on the other side of the world, but I was just wondering!

  3. I taught in China, Korea and Taiwan. Most full time jobs will arrange the visa for you. To legally teach in these places and many others around the world you usually need to have a university degree and be a native speaker. Occasionally not, but usually.

    TEFL certificates can help you get a job and more importantly they should help you in the classroom. I took one though that was expensive and didn’t help much. CELTA and TRINITY TESOL certificates are expensive and I would only recommend these if you are planning on doing it long term.

    1. That’s a good point — if you’re going just for the one job you might not need the CELTA or TESOL; but if you are considering teaching longer-term I’d say these qualifications are definitely worth it.