Coastline bixby bridge

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  1. went to Carmel and never knew Big Sur was so close #LiteraryFail

  2. By far the best book that Kerouac wrote. Dark, tormented and brilliant. I totally must go there!

  3. The photos make the place look amazing … and then the shotgun-wielding locals really make it surreal enough to be something out of a Kerouac novel.

  4. Chris Natale says:

    I am going, f*** what you say. Jack had it right, life is fleeting and if we die in the process so be it

    1. I agree, some things are worth doing. Be careful, though! Have a great time and let us know how it went.

  5. It was something incredible. We visited and got some great pictures. You are right, it would be a death trap if you try to get to the ocean from the bridge area. The scenery was mesmerizing.

  6. I made it down but yes not recommendable. I went down super early one summer morning to beat the crowds etc. Caught a sunrise in the very early morning. Stay safe and maybe just check out some pics I took!

  7. It was a staggering thing. We visited and got some incredible pictures. You are correct, it would be a passing snare on the off chance that you attempt to get to the sea from the scaffold region. The view was entrancing.

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