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  1. You left a great one off the list. Aprtment and condo guest parking. I have been vandwelling for about six months and my main sleeping spot is in a nice quiet corner of some condos across from the beach. I’ve been parking there long enough now that I’m sure anyone who has noticed just figures I live there or am a friend of someone who does.

  2. Similar to country roads but drawing even less attention are hiking trailhead parking areas. The North Shore (MN) has many of these and people parking for multiple days doesn’t attract attention.

  3. Sadly many cities and towns are cracking down on free places to park over night. I have watched you tube videos of people getting fined $150 for parking in a rest stop on the highway. I think it’s because of the stigma of living in a vehicle also the campsite owners really don’t want to lose out on income.

    Walmart is my favorite since I feel safe with the bright lights and the other rv’s parked there. Last night I had some teenagers around the place about 5 of us were parked. They were swearing and counting the overnight vehicles and making noise. The first time I thought maybe there would be a problem. Usually it’s a quiet place to sleep.

    1. Yes, they are. I know in many parts of New Zealand they’re cracking down on ‘freedom camping’ because people aren’t using… shall we say, hygienic bathroom methods. So there’s social reasons as well as the income side of it.

      The Walmart/RV parking deal seems pretty amazing to me; I hope it’s still going strong when we’re next in the States.