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We want you! Write for the Indie Travel Podcast

Are you travelling this year? There are tens of thousands of people who’d like to hear from you. And we’re two of them.

Here at Indie Travel Podcast we’ve always wanted to tell our stories in a way that inspires people to travel more, and equips them to travel well. Whether that’s by suggesting an out-of-the-way place to visit, or asking questions to help us all get below the surface of the places we visit.

But we can’t be everywhere at once. We don’t have all the stories.

If you’re travelling this year, and you’d like to see your work published on the Indie Travel Podcast, we’d love to hear from you. We are looking for stories:

  • from places all around the world.
  • from your neighbourhood as well as exotic locales.
  • that help people to travel more, or travel well.

We’re not interested in glossy sales language that tries to convince people this destination is just perfect, we’re interested in stories that show real people interacting with the place they are in, or stories that help people get a feel for a place they’ve never been — and that help them decide if it’s for them.

And what can we give you? Unfortunately, we can’t pay for every article you send in. In fact, we might not be able to pay you for any article you send us. But, from time to time, we commission work on a particular place or topic — and when we do, we always look to current writers first.

We can provide expert editing, so your stories look great. This might also mean we ask you to revise it a few times before it sees the light of day. This also means we don’t accept every story idea we get sent.

We can provide a great audience, so your work gets read. And if you have your own travel blog that might be some good exposure for people to find you.

Interested in joining us, sharing your travels and inspiring people to travel well? Drop us a line, tell us a little about yourself, where you’re travelling, and what you’d like to write about. We’ll go from there.

Please note: we do not accept infomercial or commercial guest posts.

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