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  1. I got hooked on Mate and now drink it back home…however, I’ve done away with the whole gourd/straw combo and just stick to teabags of mate – I guess I’ve Americanized it a bit 🙂

    1. They sell it in teabags?! I’m learning all sorts of things about shopping today. Mate teabags in the USA, Waitrose-brand cereals in NZ…

      How does the taste compare? Still as bitter at the start?

      1. In Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA recently I found a cafe of sorts that sells mate. Either ready to drink, loose leaf, or in tea bags. I bought a 100 pack of chai flavored mate bags and use them with my hot water dispenser at home. Not too bitter because the other spices mask it. Great for starting the day.

  2. When I was in Paraguay, mate was tough for me to drink. It’s so bitter! Interesting what catches on in some places. But, the family I stayed with drank it ALL the time. They had big thermoses and would sip on mate everywhere they went. Since it was summertime when I visited, many people drank their mate ice cold.

  3. atlassliced says:

    Woops, that was me (Alexa) who made the comment above. Forgot to sign in before I made the comment.

      1. atlassliced says:

        Ahhhh it was definitely tereté and not mate that they were drinking! They drank both, but tereté was very common everywhere in Paraguay.

      2. atlassliced says:

        Indeed terere. I didn’t even catch the typo!

  4. I was just talking to a friend about this! Apparently you have to drink it fast, too. No hesitations.

    1. You don’t have to scull it, but you definitely don’t want to be nursing the mate. It’s there to share, and people can get a bit twitchy if they don’t get their hit in good time.

  5. Planning on doing backpacking in South America and I know that I will be coming across mate often as I go down the continent and this is a great primer to get me ready. I love that it is a community thing, and not just something you slam by yourself. Fun post!

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