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      1. Hi Lis, thanks for the feedback. A few thousand people listen via iTunes each week, and we’re certainly keeping the mp3 and the enhanced podcast going there!

        We’re trying to see if we can get the old player fully replaced with these pretty, interactive SoundCloud players and working with them to try and make that happen.

  1. worldnomads (and many others) seem to have no cover for existing health conditions (and a very broad definition of the same), they also have only $500k cover on evac – that sounds very, very low, and if I had a broken leg I most certainly wouldn’t be wanting to fly economy!

    1. Finding cover for pre-existing medical issues is definitely hard. And finding insurance for over 65’s too!

      I don’t think you’d be flying economy on half a million dollars; but the main goal of evac is to get you from the danger zone to a safe-haven or properly equipped medical centre – not repatriation.

      As you’re a New Zealander, you might look into SCTI who have unlimited budgets for evac… but you can only hold a policy for 12 months, so need another renewal option if you’re travelling for an extended period.