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  1. Matt, Congratulaion!!! Finally can enjoy your adventure in the Blue Mountain. It is very useful packing and hiking advice. I never done hiking by myself (a girl hiking by herself?!).If I have son in the future I will definite train and encourage them to do the solo hiking. The photoes are wonderful… The “bus” destroy the whole beautiful natural view. Just wondering why they dump it over there!

    Really great work! Matt, Cheer!!!

  2. Craig and Linda says:

    Matthew, welcome to the Indie Travel Podcast! It’s great to have you here and a great first article. Useful packing advice, that’s for sure. Looking forward to more from you.

    One thing that I’m more and more interested in is ultralight camping. I’m trying to stay under the 10kg mark, even over multi-day adventures. In reality, I still want enough security and comforts to leave me at around 15kg … but losing those kilos on the back really makes a difference.

  3. Thanks for the welcome Guys [and Gals!]…

    I have a new appreciation for the weight saving tips and tricks I’ve been reading about; it makes a huge difference when you are out on the trails!

    Happy Hiking!!

  4. Matt!

    Your brother forwarded me this article yesterday – glad to hear your adventures are going well! You are an excellent writer…I’m enjoying what you’ve got goin on in the blog too. James is talking about doing a solo also and after reading thing I might be in the market for my own solo adventure as well….its hard to believe my last one was 2 1/2 years ago @ MLS!! I look forward to reading more and wish you the best on your travels.

    – Noah

  5. g’day ‘Magnetic’Gab 😉

    i know exactly what you mean! …was completely freaked out by the whole prospect of an overnight solo…

    one thing i didn’t mention in the article is to check in with the local police station to let them know when you are goin, and when you expect to return. the nice guys at Katoomba station even gave me an EPIRB emergency beacon that I could activate if things got dire… very empowering to have that kind of backup plan.

    it’s all good to be adventurous …but let’s be smart about it and not take unneccesary risks.

    happy hiking!

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