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  1. I *love* Siem Reap. SUCH a fantastic place – great food, crazy fun drinking establishments, and lovely lovely markets. It is truly an undiscovered gem – sure, everyone knows about Angkor, but exploring Siem Reap there is tons to see/do.

  2. Kat-

    Did you feel safe as a solo female traveler in Cambodia/at Angkor? I really want to go but none of my friends are in a place to make the journey with me.


  3. Craig and Linda says:

    Hi Paula, Kat’s in transit up to South Africa at the moment. I’m sure she’ll check in soon and get back to you. The best South East Asia forums are probably http://travelfish.org, so try there if it’s urgent.

  4. Hi Paula!

    Sorry for the delay, I just got to South Africa a few days ago and my internet capabilities are less than stellar! Yes, I felt completely safe as a woman in most of Cambodia and especially Siem Reap. It is a total tourist town and built around creating a fun and safe environment for tourists. I met people to hang out with every day that I was there and had a fantastic time. I also really liked going to Angkor Wat by myself because I was able to see the temples at my own pace. As for the rest of Cambodia, I lived in Phnom Penh for three months and never had any problems. The worst thing that happened to anyone I knew was that their bag was stolen from a passing moto. If you’re smart and don’t go walking around by yourself at 4am you’ll be totally safe. So basically, it’s like any other city… Feel free to email me with any more questions but yes, you’re safe traveling alone in Cambodia and most of the rest of Southeast Asia!

  5. Hi Kat,
    I’m very glad I found your blog, and plan on catching up on your other adventures around the world. I’m not going to lie, this post makes me want to visit Angkor Wat even more when I make the trip to Thailand this summer. Although I won’t be alone, I’m sure you’re travel tips will be helpful. This will be my third trip to Thailand, but I’ve never seem any of the Khmer ruins near the border. My family and I are so torn between staying in the country with our family, or taking the time to visit other neighboring countries….but I know Cambodia will be worth it. Anthony Bourdain’s Cambodia Episode also contributed to my Angkor Wat fever.
    Thank you for your insight; you’re very right about Cambodia suffering so much and still struggling to recoup their rich cultural past.
    Best of travels in South Africa! (I can’t wait to read about your travels here, as I hope to one day go there as well.)
    Thanks again.

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