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  1. Excellent article about Saigon, I live here now and will sending this link to anyone who will be visiting.

  2. Craig and Linda says:

    Thanks Ric, great to hear. It’s definitely got us excited about making it into South East Asia.

  3. Thanks for the guide – awesome info, and it will be useful when I am there early next year.

  4. Thanks, Sherry! Perfect guide – looking forward to experiencing all it by myself in December.

  5. Gavin Boyd says:

    Would love to visit Saigon one day. I think it is good that area has kept its tradition in place rather than the authorities setting up McDonald’s everywhere for a few extra bucks.

  6. I just moved here to work on a large water treatment project for 1 year. Though no big Macs can be found, KFC is everywhere. Also a chain called Pizza Inn, not half bad. What’s really good are the many sidewalk vendors found everywhere that slice open a french bun and stuff it with various assorted eatables of one’s choice cooked right there on a gas or charcoal stove, like fried eggs, BBQ pork, vegetables, etc.

  7. Ah, looking forward to Viet Nam. It sounds like a lesser-traveled Thailand.

  8. Jeff – you’ll love it there! Yes – it’s much less traveled than Thailand which is one of the reasons I decided to live there. Stop back and comment on how you liked it when you are done with your trip!

  9. Excellent article Sherry! It’s easy to see how you can fall prey to the hidden charms of the city. I love the palpable energy of HCMC, the city of a million bike horns. If every town had a symbol, Saigon’s would surely be the motorbike. I’ve never experienced such extreme traffic in all of my travels, it’s pretty weird to behold the absolute madness of the roads there, yet amazingly, despite the huge volume of traffic, there seemed to be a courtesy in driving that allowed people to make random u-turns or drive along the wrong side of the road without any animosity.

  10. Having travelled through a lot of countries in South East Asia, Vietnam was one of those countries that seemed to always be next on our list. As the finances and time slipped away were did not get chance to visit the region but would jump at the chance to spend some time in Ho Chi Minh.

    Sherry has written a great guide here and I am sure it will come in useful if I ever visit. I love the bit about the local food, I love Vietnamese cuisine and would really enjoy sampling the street food.

  11. Thank you for posting info. It help me a lot. This is the best info I found.

  12. I’ve always wanted to see HCMC and Hanoi but because they are placed so far apart it’s either one or the other for me at that time. I ended up in Hanoi instead of HCMC on my last trip. Is 4-5 days too long for HCMC? I spent a week in Hanoi and had the best time, and I know both cities are different in their own rights but I do not want to get stay longer unnecessarily.

  13. @Mirabelle
    I don’t think 4 or 5 days is too long in HCMC. Upon first glance and based on guidebooks there probably doesn’t seem like you need as much time in HCMC, but I believe if you have time there and explore a bit you’ll enjoy it more than a short 2 day trip where you simply see the main tourists sites.
    I highly recommend you spend one day doing the cyclo ride I recommended with Mr. Binh and then hang out in Distrcit 5 at the Cholon market (much less tourists and more interesting). That’s a whole day in District 5! Then you can do a Mekong Delta trip for a day, Cu Chi Tunnel for a a day, Shopping, Eating, museums – there’s plenty to do. Plus – I can’t stress enough to simply sit at a coffee shop on a busy street and just watch traffic and life go by…it won’t dissapoint!

  14. Hi sherry. Thank you for sharing information about saigon. I’m just wondering where we can avail of the open tours you mentioned under paid attractions. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  15. @Yen – which tour are you referring to? Once I know that I can hopefully answer!

  16. I hope Saigon import cows so there is more on their menu. I love pho and egg roll too. Please post more.

    Many Vietnamese’s friends share their photos of their vacation. Did you get to nice market and amusement park. Guess only the native Vietnamese would know.

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