What would you do with a few days in Prague and Vienna? We tried to balance sight-seeing, friends, food, and a bit of rest and recovery.

A few highlights are below, but for the stories and tips behind the photos, search for “indie travel” in any podcast application, hit play below or find episode 253 in iTunes or Soundcloud:

In Prague…

We arrived, then left! To be fed to bursting by an ITP listener’s family, and enjoy views like this. Thanks, Petr!
We drank beer, wandered, and generally hung out at the Vysehrad Gardens
We slept in the uber-chic and conveniently located Fusion Hotel in Prague.
We saw many of the Old Town and New Town sights (but didn’t make it to the Castle District).
…despite the encouragement of Teresa, our guide for the highly enjoyable Urban Adventures Prague Explorer tour.

And then Vienna

We stayed in a neat little apartment in Vienna thanks to Go With Oh and Oh Vienna.

Our Vienna card gave us some nice discounts and included all public transport, so…

We visited the MAK Design Gallery, since it was design week
Ate well, including at “heuriger” wine bars at the city limits.
We visited dozens of gardens, palaces, and more palaces along the inner circle tram lines.
And saw the apartments and gallery ‘village’ designed by Hundertwasser, the famous Austrian artist and architect.

With a few stops in the middle…

Since our Eurail Pass from ACPRail.com meant we didn’t have to worry about price, we added in two short stops during our transit between Prague and Vienna:

We drank Pilsner in the original brewery at Pilzen, Czech Republic!
We spent a few brief hours being fed (and bet at dice games) by our good friend, Sabine in Linz, Austria.

Next stop for IndieRail is Croatia and Slovenia! To follow along (and hear all the stories these pictures just hint at) find Indie Travel Podcast in iTunes or search for “indie travel” in any podcasting app.

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