1. Ahhh I spent my summer in Honduras too, absolutely loved it. I think it’s one of those countries that loads of people just seem to miss out when they do Central America. You should have gone over to Utila or Roatan if you didn’t, such beautiful little islands and incredible for diving! Very easy to get to aswell.

    Also, all of these points are more general Central and Latin America travel advice… not so much Honduras specifically…

  2. Love Honduras,

    We’re on our way back for my fourth time in November!!! I first went here traveling solo, now I’m showing my kids and husband the beauty of it.

    We just recently came back from Copan and next month are off to the Bay Islands.

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips. They are really helpful. The point that you made regarding knowing the language of the land to where you travel is absolutely correct. If a person who travels to an unknown country but knows their language, it can make the travel an entire comfort and relaxing, but failing to know the language can make the journey hard, as communication is what matters the most in a travel. I come from Asia, but i think a tour to South America country can be an unforgettable experience with the heritage sites and the culture you get to see there!

    Wish i can travel someday to Honduras soon. Thanks for the post. It definitely helps.

  4. Thanks for the comments! I agree that knowing a few words of the language goes a long way – it not only improves your travel experience, but also shows respect for the local people. And indeed I think these pieces of advice could be adapted for use when travelling in any developing country.
    I did have the opportunity to visit Utila – I learnt to scuba dive there and absolutely loved it, definitely one of my favourite places in Central America! The Bay Islands are beautiful, Cayos Cochinos are worth visiting as well.
    Copan is a very interesting place too – the preservation of the engravings on the ruins is very impressive.
    Thanks again for the comments 🙂

  5. Hi
    I loved reading your article about Honduras. And it is absolutely true.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of negative news in the media about Honduras.
    I moved to Honduras some time ago…left my homecountry Switzerland to start a new life in Honduras. To summarize I REALLY LOVE MY NEW LIFE!!!

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