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  1. Hi Lin,

    Well written piece on Durga Pujo at Kolkata. Few Pointers

    Mohashashur actually Mahisasur meaning Buffalo Demon, as you may have noticed that each makeshift temples (called Pandels in Bengali) the demon seems to be emerging from a Buffalo. It said that this demon could take many forms but was the strongest in the Buffalo form.

    Small history or myth is that Mahisasur who was the cousin of the Gods got jealous of their well being and did a long panache and had been granted a boon that no male form can kill him. So he unleashed terror on the three worlds and Drove the Gods out of heaven and enslaved a few. This is when the Gods approached the Trinity of Supreme Beings and with their help came into being the supreme Female Power. As she approached the lair of Mahisasur he already knew his time has come. He tried to sedure the Almight Goddess with charm but was rebuffed and thus the war was initiated. As for the rest is history (more like myth).

    The other Gods that were in the Pandels were actually her children as well. Not just Kartik.