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  1. Not_From_PageAZ says:

    I can’t believe you misspelled Page, AZ. Paige? How hard could it be to look that up? How much could the amateur guy know about the place if he can’t even spell it?

    1. That’s my fault; I did all the show notes and, because of the holidays, it didn’t go to our normal fact-checker. We usually have three people reading articles before they go live, all looking for different issues but we were a person down thanks to the holidays.

      Fixed now, in any case. Thanks to you and @LAUniqueTravel for pointing it out.

      (And there are a surprising number of results for “paige slot canyon arizona” … which is why Google doesn’t equal real fact checking. Note to self.)

  2. A good rundown of some of the most beautiful places in the Southwest! You’re quite right about the North Rim of the Grand Canyon – it is more serene and more beautiful and is an amazing place to watch the sun set. Also, another option for seeing Lake Powell, if you’re adventurous, is to raft the San Juan River from Bluff, Utah to Lake Powell. That is an amazing way to see some truly wild canyon country. And I would like to add the Painted Desert in northern Arizona, and Monument Valley in Utah to your list – both absolutely stunning, out of this world landscapes that are completely unique to the Southwest.

  3. Oh lordy, can’t wait to get back to the States and take a good old California road trip from Sacramento down to Palm Springs/indio. This is a great route guys, Antelope Canyon looks incredible, and most definitely Bryce, Zion, Moab, and Monument Valley are some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve ever been.

  4. From Page says:

    I am from Page, and there are a ton more things to do there than this guy mentions. I have lived here for twenty years and I still haven’t done everything there is to do. Nothing in town, but just outside town is beautiful. This guy kinda makes it boring, and he keeps saying Navajo wrong. I am Navajo. But, Craig and Linda, if you ever do decide to come out, I would love to act as your tour guide and show you around. Even give you a tour of the Navajo Nation. As real as it gets. 🙂

    1. Craig and Linda says:

      @From Page: Thanks for that. Not being able to talk enough about places is one of the biggest problems of the audio format! I’m always sad at the things we miss, but that happens.

      Thanks so much for the offer; we have no US plans in the next year, but we’ll definitely look you up when we come through.

    2. @From Page – I saw this response pretty late .. I am planning to have a trip starting from Arches National Park to Flagstaff and see places in between. If you can help me; that will be fantastic.

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