2012's annular solar eclipse, Whiskeytown NRA, California photo

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  1. I had never thought about protecting your eyes when going to look at eclipses… Sounds dumb, but there you go!

    Great advice, Lauren @ephemerratic – good to have you on Indie Travel Podcast!

  2. I feel like they taught me that in elementary school but clearly the lesson hadn’t sunk in completely.

    And, thanks Craig & Linda, it’s a treat to be here.

  3. Just remember that it takes about an hour for an eclipse to come to totality, so pack your picnic baskets accordingly! Kudos to Lauren, nothing like enjoying a celestial event with wine, some nice cheeses and and excellent loaf of bread.

    Yeah, gotta remember never to look directly at the sun. The guy in the pic had some super-fancy filters on his camera that allowed for some spectacular viewing!

    1. Filter everything for sure! Eyeballs, cameras, binoculars, and telescopes.

      And cheese is all important.

  4. I never heard of ring of fire in this context. Ring of fire is normally the name used for the instable area around the Pacific Ocean.

    1. That’s the more common use of the term for sure. And, if you’re Johhny Cash, “Ring of Fire” had an entirely different meaning: a hot cycle of love!

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