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  1. Despite being a foodie and having been to Venice many times over the years, it is still not always easy to find great food in that over-run city (which is obviously aesthetically magical). There is an understandable distance many locals keep from tourists, and it is far from the friendliest of places I have been in my many travel across Itay, and certainly not the best place for food (the Piemonte, Emilia-Romagna and a few other regions spring to mind). But when I have stayed in B&Bs off-the-beaten track, the people are far more friendly and recommend some local places where the food is better. It never hurts to speak some Italian (I am somewhat fluent) or at least try, as respect is so much appreciated.

    1. I so agree, Gregory! It’s hard to find good food in Venice at fair prices… That’s why we enjoyed this so much.