Kawiti Glowworm caves New Zealand

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  1. Roger Musser says:

    I went to Waitomo Caves on my last visit to New Zealand and that was fantastic. The Kawiti Glowworm Caves were on my list of things to do during that trip too. However, on that trip I ran out of time to do things before I ran out of things to do. There’s so much to do in the Northland Region.

    Kawiti will be higher on my list next time.


    1. Yes, Waitomo is amazing, just quite expensive! I like Kawiti because it’s so low-key. ?

  2. This sounds so much better! I went to Waitomo – and my, my the amount of tourists was sick. It’s become too commercialized, sadly.

    I’ll definitely go to Kawiti on my next visit!

    1. Waitomo is pretty amazing, but yep — very commercialised. I really like the down-to-earth feeling of Kawiti. 🙂

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