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  1. I wish i will have a journey like the one described in your post once in my life..

  2. ‘..anyone bored by the relentlessly beautiful Andes mountain scenery’..doesn’t deserve to take the trip in my opinion! A nice post about an amazing journey, thanks for sharing. If you have similar rail experiences to share I’d welcome a guest post on my rather train-fixated blog. 🙂 Jools

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge about this railway. I lived in Lima for 5 months, and I never knew about this. This line is so historic and interesting, it really does attest to the seemingly impossible feats that the ancient Incas accomplished building highways and innovating methods to connect their empire.
    Wonderful description of the landscape! I really makes me long to be in the highlands again. I hope you got to try homemade Chicha beer and Cuy. This is certainly an attraction I will make a point to experience when I go back.
    Qué nostalgia!

  4. loved it.. thanks for sharing your traveling experience 🙂

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