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  1. I checked your tour links and didn’t find one for the Pancho Tour. I’m interested in a daytime walking tour of Lisbon, mid-March. Would you recommend the Pancho Tour?

    BTW, I enjoy your podcast!

    1. Hi Chuck, here it is: http://www.panchotours.com/ciudades/lisboa.php We’ll add it into the post as well… I see our tour review is still needing an edit before publishing.

      For a free tour it was very good, but it seemed to drift a little bit at times. I think we went from 11am till 2-3pm although I see on their website it was meant to be a 2.5 hour tour. Lots of walking (even for us), but a great guide and good information.

      We did the food and fado tour instead of this daytime tour. It’s run by the same company, Urban Adventures. At 3-4 hours it’s a bit longer than Pancho.


      The other tour we looked at doing was the “We hate tourism” range of trips outside the city, but we didn’t have time. http://wehatetourismtours.com/lisbon-tours

      I hope that gives you some options! Let us know what you choose, and what you think.

      1. Thanks for the update. I’ll be having just a two day stopover in Lisbon on the way to two weeks in Turkey, and since I’m coming from California, I’m guessing I’ll be pretty jet-lagged. I’ll be coming in on an afternoon and with only 48 hours, will really only have one full daytime in Lisbon. I was thinking a daytime walking tour might be good to help me adjust. On the other hand, maybe I’ll be just waking up in time for an evening tour. Decisions! (I guess I should search your blog for jet lag advice.)

      2. You know, we’ve talked about it on the podcast on some random topic, but I don’t think we’ve ever done any stories on how we cope with jetlag! Adding to the ideas list 🙂

        The free tour is a no-risk option for the day-time, for sure – and then you could maybe book into the food and fado tour or another night-time one to make the most of the second evening?

  2. oh I love Lidson, and have to agree doing a walking tour is one of the best ways to see the city!!!

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