Plaza de Cervantes in Alcala de Henares

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  1. I had never heard of Alcala before reading this but it sounds beautiful! I’m going to suggest it to my parents as they’ve been looking at Granada as somewhere to go this autumn and they’d definitely enjoy somewhere a little less busy.
    By the way Linda, it was great to meet you on Friday night at Blogstock! I love listening to Podcasts on my commute to and from the office and I’m going to download a backlog of yours as soon as I get home, I’m definitely looking forward to your recent podcast on Berlin.

    1. Hi Rebecca! It was lovely to meet you too, I hope you enjoy the podcasts. Granada is great but certainly busy, and Alcalá really is a special place to visit.

  2. As somebody who grew up in Alcalá de Henares, it is very nice to listen to such a complimentary podcast. Thank you for putting together this lovely piece of work, it really made my day and I arrived at work with a big smile (and admittedly a bit homesick).
    Greetings from Berlin

    1. Thanks Juan Carlos! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I’m sorry for making you homesick! Greetings from Colombia.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    I stumbled on your website and podcast when looking to educate myself on Alcala de Heneras. We live in the United States, and this coming summer we will welcome a foreign exchange student who lives in Alcala de Heneras. It was nice to hear your description of the town and the architecture. I was able to learn more about his home. Thank you!

    1. Hi Anne Marie,

      I’m so glad our podcast was useful! We really loved Alcalá, and found the people there to be very friendly as well — I’m sure you’ll love your exchange student too!

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