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  1. I know these places are very beautiful to see and I’m also visited these two amazing cities they are so beautiful.The Brandenburg Gate is so great to see. I love those cities.

  2. bobbi_hartwell says:

    Thanks for so many great podcasts; I have downloaded for several years from iTunes. While listening to this entry last night I heard you mention Droam and am interested but I couldn’t tell whether you’d said “Drove” or “Drone” so thankfully you have the companion blog entries I can check!

    1. Hi Bobbi, glad you love the podcast — great to have you with us 🙂

      Yes, Droam is at http://droam.nl/en/ — really great to have this little wifi zone travelling with us! We’ll be sure to spell it out on the next show.

      (And if other people are looking for the podcast, search “indie travel” in any podcasting app, or hit this for iTunes: https://indietravelpodcast.local/itunes)

  3. Well, Berlin is so full of people from all across the world that anyone could feel at home there. Yet, when I was there a few years ago, I got the impression that it is simply dirty, whereas most cities in Germany are perfectly clean. Not sure if that was my impression or just the matter of Berlin’s size.
    And just by the way – Potsdam is awesome. I was only awed by the fact that there were hardly any Potsdam-related memorabilia. For instance, most stalls sold T-shirts with ‘I love Berlin’ on, with no reference to Podstam at all!

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