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    1. Couchsurfing has always been a non-profit organisation to date, but they’ve always acted like a for-profit organisation, with big staff retreats, etc. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop for them as an organisation and how that influences the people who take part. For now, in our opinion at least, it remains the best of the networks — the most active, the most interesting.

  1. If you don’t mind, where’s the link to your CouchSurfing profile?

  2. Great post, guys!
    Just a quickie: Would you recommend that my wife and I create a profile each to make best use of CS in order to increase our chances or will just my own, personal profile suffice?

    1. One profile is enough. We have a joint one that has photos of both of us, which is what I’d recommend. If you want to use your (solo) profile, just make sure to mention in your requests that there are two of you and give some personal information about yourselves.

  3. Great article and I love CS. I have contacted so many CSers in the past to get some info about why and how they do it and I got some great feedback

  4. Hi,

    I am making a profile for CS at the moment and it is for my boyfriend and I.
    I was wondering, Is it easier to make a profile for the both of us as we plan
    to sleep at the same place, obviously.
    Or did you guys had a separate profile and just mentioned that you’re with 2?

    1. Oh never mind. I looked a little bit further and already found an answer to my question 🙂 Thanks for the information everyone and thanks for the article. It was helpful!

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