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  1. I am also a travel blogger and always wondered how people can easily adapt to the different eating behavior in different places. Even change in water can cause numerous diseases or upset stomach then what about food as it changes completely country to country.

    I really liked this article and sharing it as this can help a lot of travelers.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I think we’ve developed a reasonably iron stomache when it comes to changes in water. There’s the occasional problem, but I measure the gaps in years rather than weeks 🙂 That said, we haven’t spent that much time in Asia, where I hear most complaints coming from. Europe, and even the Pacific/South America haven’t caused us many issues over the years.

  2. Eating healthy while traveling is so hard for me. I love trying all of the local specialties in the places I visit but these tips provide some great guidelines so I don’t go crazy!

    1. Thanks Maegan, I’m glad to hear they were useful. We certainly are feeling a lot better with a few more veges and a few less wiener schnitzels… although there’s still space for two or three of those a week 🙂