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  1. One modification I’d make to #8 is… fly as little as possible to start with. If your destination is under 500 miles away, there is a good chance that ground transport won’t be that bad of a deal — and you are doing a good part to save the environment right there.

    Good post. Keep up the good eco-work.

  2. I think you should vote with your money as well. Choose a dive shop that does beach cleanup or campaigns for the ocean or stay at a hotel that has solar panels instead of generators.

    I also agree with Michael, although it is so hard to do since air travel is just so easy sometimes.

    1. Good call: although it can be hard to see through the green-washing, choosing businesses that are address those issues and preferably those that are locally owned, makes a big difference.

  3. aloha,

    what great ideas to be more in tune with your travels and eco and culturally aware, thanks for sharing these great ideas.