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  1. You guys did NOT carry an iron!?!?!? After hearing multiple references to the amount of stuff you carried on your first jaunt, I am curious to know if you have any photos of one or both of you all kitted out and ready to roll – ? Would love to see that! 🙂

    1. Oh, we SO did!

      I think we definitely had a digital camera back then, but I don’t think we have the albums with us. We’ll be back in New Zealand at the end of the year, so might be able to dig it out… Do remind us!

  2. Intriguing! We get married the week before heading off on our own trip – perhaps we should bring along a copy of our marriage certificate, too.

    1. It’s probably a good idea if you’re heading to more conservative countries (including parts of small-town western Europe)… That’s the main place we’ve been asked for it!